First through the pass

Away from the office and to the hills…

Now that the kids are grown enough, we can get out to the hills again. Our last big trip before parenthood took Mia and I to Thorung La in Nepal at 5400m with that amazing sense that each upward step is on borrowed time. It feels like we’re starting out again

Learning to walk slowly in Nepal

Our guide realised he needed to get us to slow down. We’d trained for the himalayas in New Zealand and were moving dangerously fast, given the risk of altitude sickness and a wrong step

Homeward bound in Wensleydale

I grew up in Swaledale and Wensleydale, the hinterland of the army base where as a child my forces family finally settled down after I spent my early years on postings in the likes of Bahrain, Cyprus and Germany

From special needs to unstoppable

Ossian is our second of three and it’s been a journey learning how to best support him. These days it feels like he looks out for his dad instead. He’s good on the hills and has just won his 25km swimming medal.